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Reiki is a form of natural healing that was developed in 18th century Japan by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui Sensei.  It works by raising your own bodies vibrational energy to heal across an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

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Potted History

It is said that Usui Sensei travelled across the world to understand and learn from many other cultures about their healing processes.  He developed Reiki as a way of self healing and spiritual growth.  The Japanese pronunciation is RYE-KEY but has been westernised to be pronounced ‘RAY-KEY’.  Usui carefully passed on the teachings of reiki to Chujiro Hayashi who later, in 1935, trained a very determined Madam Takata in first degree reiki.  It is said that Madam Takata fell ill after the death of her husband, suffering from several illnesses, and rather than continue with hospital treatment, she turned to Reiki healing through Hayashi.  Madam Takata made a full health recovery and continued with her studies of reiki until she mastered the art of healing, and was accredited as a Reiki master.

I’ve suffered for 20 years with a whole host of physical conditions, some very deliberating.  After an initial talking therapy session, Alison prepared my first reiki session and the difference after just one session was quite unbelievable.  In the days that followed I had colour in my cheeks for the first time in years, and I felt I had more energy.  After the second session, pain I have had to suffer with had either reduced or gone completely! Words cannot describe what’s happening and how I feel.

Over the past 50 years Reiki has become increasingly popular in the Western world as a non invasive and non medicated therapy.  Reiki works holistically across mind, body and spirit by channelling energy through your therapist and stimulating your own natural healing abilities.

I went to have a session of reiki with Alison having suffered with aching painful feet since I became a pub landlord some 4 years ago. 1 session of reiki and the pain disappeared, I have been receiving treatment from a podiatrist for the last 18 months who supplied inserts for my shoes but the pain remained just as intense. 
Alison 1 – Podiatry 0

Rei means universal spirit and Ki (also known as chi) means life force; the vitality that gives life to all living things (energy).  When ones energy is low as a result of, for example, stress or poor living choices, this is when you are more likely to become tired or ill, and that can manifest in one or more areas of physical, mental or emotional dis-ease. 

Had an amazing reiki session today with Alison.
I feel very calm and energised this evening and can highly recommend this talented lady

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What’s is it helpful for?

There are no limits to what Reiki can be used for, and I am constantly in awe of this wonderful energy and the human body’s ability to heal.  It’s helpful for people who suffer from conditions and diseases including; chronic fatigue or ME, MS, cancer and fibromyalgia.  Indeed it’s used for a whole host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, here are a few other areas that Reiki is good for:

  • To relax and rebalance after a busy or stressful day or week
  • To relieve or heal pain in the body
  • To support health recovery from accidents or surgery
  • To reenergise if your energy levels are low 
  • To ease or remove anxiety
  • To overcome insomnia
  • To ease or remove the occurrence of panic attacks
  • To improve self esteem
  • To remove nervous tension
  • To heal digestive problems
  • To heal migraines/severe headaches
  • To overcome depression

It’s important to remember that the practitioner is there to channel energy, guide and support you, however, it is you, the client, who chooses to heal and promotes the healing process, even if that is at a very subconscious level.  In my experience, people have an amazing ability to heal and be healthy given the right environment.  Everything you do in between and/or after your reiki session(s) will contribute to your wellbeing, and the impact of Reiki.  

I’ve had problems with my achilles tendon for years, it’d got so in a morning I was literally hobbling around until is settled down.  It was getting the way of my hobby and I was desperate to find something that worked.  I wasn’t sure if reiki would work, but after just one 50 minute session with Alison, no more hobbling.

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How does it work?

Practitioners of Reiki are all attuned to the Reiki energy by a Reiki Master.  A practitioner of Reiki heals through conducting positive energy (either hands-on or hands-off, and at second degree Reiki, distance healing can be performed) through your energy field.  Alison starts her treatments with an energy connection by gently placing her hands on your shoulders (though you can request not to have any physical contact).  From that point the Reiki treatment is usually hands-off for the patients comfort, although the treatment can be carried out hands-on.   The Reiki treatment raises the vibration of energy in your body, dispersing negative energy, balancing, and healing – Reiki case study.

I had a small muscle injury to my back and was having trouble sleeping. I had a session of reiki [healing] and a back massage and the pain in my back has gone. Alison also made me a blend of oils to help with my sleep and they have worked a treat. I feel like new!! Will definitely be booking in for more!

Some believe Reiki power is one of the most powerful forms of healing.  For minor work; balancing and relaxing, you may feel an instant shift, for others it may take up to 24 hours to feel the full effects, this is normal.  For more complex or long standing issues you will need a course of treatments, however, you will feel improvements from the first treatment.

Three sessions of reiki with Alison & my shoulder was back to normal.  I didn’t feel much during the session and it took until the next day to start feeling the benefit. After dislocating it a couple of year ago then jarring it on a recent bike ride, it’d got to the point where I hardly had any mobility in my arm. I was sceptical but Alison convinced me to give it a try. I’m glad I did

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What will happen at my session?

When Alison starts the Reiki session she connects to the Reiki energy, then connects to you by gently placing her hands on your shoulders.  Clients often feel a hot sensation at the points where Alison’s hands are, some feel this hotness radiate down their arms and into their hands. After this point it’s hands off and working in your energy field (or bio-field).  You may continue to feel heat, tingling and may see colours of purple and white light.

If you have booked a 30 minute session to relax and rebalance, Alison will work down 8 core energy channels, finishing off with a balancing and sweeping of your energy field.  You will go away with feedback on what was found during the treatment.

I had reiki with Alison because I was going through a lot of personal stuff, and I needed to relax my mind.  I had a 30 minute session and afterward I couldn’t stop crying.  Alison said it was part of the healing process, and it did help me release the blocked emotion and feel like I’d flushed it out.

If you book a healing session(s), the session/course will start with a consultation followed by a scan of your energy field across your body.  The main treatment will work across core reiki positions, followed by specific work on any areas found to be out of balance/in need of reiki healing during the body scan. The treatment will finish off with a balancing and sweeping of your energy field, and, if you are having a course of treatments, onto session feedback on what was found.

During the treatment I felt a lot of heat around my head, and it felt like something was being extracted.  I’ve been suffering with tinnitus and Alison picked up on an issue around the side of my head during the treatment.  I also felt an intense heat on my forehead.  Immediately after the session I felt my head had cleared.

During the session – typical reactions:

  • Sensations of heat, cold, tingling, itching or touch
  • Colours and/or white light
  • Involuntary bodily movement
  • Stomach rumbling
  • Memory flashes
  • Past life flashes
  • Emotional response
  • Falling asleep but still being aware
  • Floating or astral projection (out of body experience)
  • Deep relaxation 

You may feel some or none of these, the Reiki is still working at the same level.

After the session – typical reactions:

  • Slightly light headed immediately after the session
  • Deeply relaxed
  • Sense of calm and peace
  • Emotional and weepy
  • Rejuvenated and energised
  • Deep sense of connection 
  • Slight headache
  • Lucid dreams
  • Deep healing symptoms – this can sometimes feel unpleasant, be assured it is natural and part of the healing process and will subside.

Reiki healing can be face to face at the Flourish therapy room, or carried out by distance healing, find out more about distance healing in the next section.

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How does distance healing work?

This is a technique that many reiki practitioners use for people who are not able to come to a session, either because of illness or their locality to the practitioner themselves.  You may also choose to have Reiki healing or loving energy sent to a relative, friend or even a cherished pet. 

I’m 79 and my foot had turned a purple colour, which was rather worrying.  Alison performed one session of distance healing and my foot returned to normal.  At the time Alison was doing the treatment, a single gust of wind came rushing through the house, I’m not sure if that was a coincidence but it was quite an experience

Distance healing sessions are held for 15 minutes and come in either a single treatment (for a boost of loving energy), or a course of 3 or 6 for healing.  For the healing courses, it’s recommended that the first 3 are done on consecutive days.

If the healing is for yourself you can agree a specific time to sit or lay somewhere comfortable and peaceful whilst Alison performs the reiki, although this is not necessary for it to work.   Alison will start by connecting to the reiki energy and then connect to you.  To do this, if Alison doesn’t know you (your friend, family member or pet), she will request a photo which will help her to focus the healing during the session.

Merlin’s a husky dog who’s been diagnosed with diabetes.  He’s now blind and has been struggling to get going physically.  Alison came over for a face to face session, which Merl loved, he was so chilled out afterward.  Alison has since done three consecutive distance healing sessions, there’s definitely been an improvement

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Celeb fans of Reiki

Here are just a few celebs who swear by Reiki:

Angelina Jolie
Mel B
Gwyneth Paltrow
Halle Berry
Kate Bosworth
Kate Hudson
Helen Hunt
Nicole Kidman
Joely Richardson
Naomi Watts

I’ve tried a sports massage a couple of times and had limited success. I booked with Alison a reiki session and a follow up of reiki and a massage. The constant shoulder injury is now far far better than ever before. 
I am a sceptic by nature but tried the reiki out of desperation, it works!

Just brilliant

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Reiki Practitioner Lineage

I was first attuned to Reiki in 2006, and took my Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master course with William Lee Rand at Glastonbury, my Reiki master lineage is as depicted

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As a Reiki master, teacher and practitioner I value the importance of continual self development and living a Reiki lifestyle. I make sure I give myself boosts of energy and healing Reiki, along with practices of meditation, yoga and tai chi.

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