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MoGaChi has been designed by Alison as a subtle body movement that works with the energy fields both within and around the body, opening up the core chakras and balancing energy through mindful movement and controlled breath.  This is a great way  to maintain a good range of movement, increase vitality, calm the mind and promote physical wellbeing.

The energy balance and cleanse routine felt amazing, I could feel the difference immediately

I go to the gym regularly but I realised that I don’t really think about my flexibility, the stretching in the movements felt good

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MoGaChi was crafted over a number of years, as Alison carefully combined energy routines, such as Tai Chi and Qigong, with specific asanas (yoga) which open up the seven core chakras, and energy moves to activate the immune system and energise the body.


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Benefits of MoGaChi?

Promotes relaxation and a calm mind
Improves balance
Stimulates the lymphatic system which aids blood flow and digestion
Stimulates the immune system
Helps the body’s metabolism
Promotes clarity of mind
Balances your energy system and meridians
Activates the seven core chakras
Gain and maintain flexibility
Lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles
Improves posture



Our bodies are a beautiful piece of engineering and we often take them for granted.  Without a full range of regular movement, and particularly as we move beyond 40, muscles and tendons will start to tighten, lose flexibility, and eventually cause us physical issues, such as back or shoulder pain or shortened tendons.  After 50 our ability to build muscle lessens dramatically, so it’s important to build and maintain our muscle strength.

The asanas chosen for the ‘chakra balance and activation‘ not only open up each of the seven core chakras but aim to flex, tone, lengthen and strengthen your body. 

The ‘energy cleanse‘ routine uses Tia Chi, which promotes controlled movement and breathing that works with the energy around your body whilst the Qigong moves promote controlled movement that works with key acupressure points and the meridians (energy) within your body).  These are combined with further energy moves that work across the inner and outer energy system.

Both routines aim to increase energy, vitality and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system.  Gentle they may feel, but over time you will see underused muscles start to strengthen and tone, and your flexibility will improve, along with a greater sense of calm and physical wellbeing.


I loved this class.  I’ve tried yoga before but I found myself getting bored toward the end, because MoGaChi is split into different sections it kept me interested

What issues might your favorite sport be giving you?

Loss of flexibility is not just about age, it also occurs in people who do specific sports without paying attention to their whole body.  Let’s take cycling for example, this is a very popular sport and road biking has continued to boom over the past 10 years.  Whilst regular cyclists may be fit, strong (particularly in the leg area), and have good stamina, they are prone to suffering from tight hamstrings and calves.  Muscle cramping in the legs is another common issue, as is back and neck pain.  Given that many of us have desk jobs or spend long hours on laptops, tablets or smart phones, cycling can aggravate these areas when out on long bike rides.  If you’re sat with shoulders and back in a neutral position, this can help to ease the issue but many people are not continually mindful of this whilst riding.  Doing regular MoGaChi works to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles across the body, and reduce or remove common issues experienced.

As an aside, you should also check out your seating position on the bike as this can continue to cause problems if the height and distance of your handlebars/seat is not right for your body size. 

Alison is a lovely instructor with a gentle tone and knows her stuff. She makes you feel relaxed and go at your own pace.  I really enjoyed our session.


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