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Neurological research at the Harvard Medical School has shown that meditation decrease blood pressure and breathing rate, slows the heartbeat and lowers the metabolic state to levels similar to those found in deep sleep.  The changes in the brainwave pattern initiate a deeply relaxed, yet alert state.  Regular meditation promotes a calmer sense of self and is so important in our modern world, which is often filled with busy minds, stress, anxiety, and fear. In our busy modern world, meditation is one of the pillar’s of a wellbeing lifestyle

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I recently attended a guided meditation and Reiki session with Alison. It was the first time for me. The session was calm and relaxing and Alison explained what would happen throughout. I was a little sceptical but decided to go with an open mind and the intention of learning how to relax! I can honestly say that it was amazing. The meditation was so relaxing but the reiki was the big surprise. A deep sense of warmth and wellbeing came from the non contact session and I felt truly calm and content. If you haven’t tried this before then you wont be disappointed! Very much looking forward to next time.

Alison offers a range of meditations, here are a few you can do with Alison alongside your treatment or as part of your spa package at the Energy Healing Spa


Loving kindness meditation  
This meditation focuses on kindness to ourselves and others, creating space for compassion, understanding, and love.  This meditation can help care for our own mental and physical health by cultivating a less judgemental and angry mind.

Sound bath meditations
Sound stimulates the alpha and beta brain waves, which are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states; highly conducive to healing and deeply nourishing.

Reiki healing meditations
Holy Fire III Reiki Masters have the ability to channel healing Reiki through meditation. All healing meditations are a wonderful experience; sometimes mind blowing and sometimes subtle, however you experience yours you can be sure it will be deeply healing and nourishing.

Soul connection
Alison uses Reiki and angelic connection techniques to support you during this meditation.  You will be given a safe, peaceful and calm space to undertake this gentle meditation, allowing you to reconnect through visualisation with someone who has past over.  It may be one or more people you wish to connect to, a cherished pet, or all of those who you’ve lost (through death, estrangement or just distance).
The Reiki will also help to unblock any repressed emotion that may be preventing you from healing and feeling at peace.


Supporting you to be your best and happiest self

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