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Crystal treatments are one of the energy healing therapies. Crystals can be used for relaxation, meditation, balancing and healing, they are very popular for chakras and aura treatments.  They can also be used in elixirs for all kind of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

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What is Crystal therapy?
Crystals have been used in healing for centuries across the world.   They are said to be able to take away negative energy and recharge us physically and mentally.  The first historical references to the use of crystals come from ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. Ancient Egyptians, greeks, Chinese and Mexicans are also sited as using crystals for protection, health and good fortune.

When scientists determined that atoms are not solid, but 99.999% empty space filled with energy in the forms of vibrations, that made crystal therapy somewhat easier to explain.  All crystals have energy and different crystal vibrate at different frequencies.  A quartz crystal has a particularly powerful vibration, and is still used today in watches and clocks to pulse the second hand around.  Dr Valerie Hunt, who sadly passed in 2014, was a pioneer for energy medicine, and as a scientist spent many years dedicated to proving the aura existed through her research.  Even colour is created through vibrating energy and can be seen by some as a white light or golden glow around bodies, think ‘The Saint’ and his circular glowing crown.  Also check out images drawn by cavemen, which often show a glow of colour around their illustrations of man and woman.  This ‘glow’ is known as our aura. 

Each type of crystal is used for specific healing, balancing or relaxation. A quartz crystal has a particularly powerful vibration, I use clear quartz on the 21 minor chakras during the ‘aura & chakra healing’ treatment and on the crown chakra

I went to Alison for the aura and chakra balancing treatment. I felt instantly relaxed with Alison and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The key areas I needed to work on were all spookily accurate. Thank you so much. I look forward to my my next session.

Celeb fans of crystal healing include Victoria and David Beckham, Adele, Miranda Kerr and Elizabeth Taylor.

I use crystals in many of my treatments from the holistic therapies range and in the aromatherapy range.

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Experience the Power of Crystals

If you are having a ‘Crystal Relaxation’ session, I will combine crystals and aromatherapy to eased you into relaxation.  As you breathe in the beautiful essential oils the crystal will work in harmony to give you a wonderfully relaxing experience, easing away tension and promoting a better nights sleep.

I had crystal healing and Reiki with Alison. I felt really relaxed. She has great knowledge and gives good advice. I really recommend her. I will be back for another treatment.

If you are having crystal therapy as part of an ‘Aura and Chakra Healing’ session, crystals will be placed on each of the 7 main chakras and a further 21 quartz crystals will be placed around your minor chakras, promoting balance and healing.  The crystals work to balance a persons energy to circulate freely and remove any blockages in the aura, bringing about good health and wellbeing.

I’d had a heavy week at work and with my husband away all of the jobs around the house and looking after the kids fell to me.  When the weekend came, I went for a crystal relaxation treatment.  It helped to sweep away the week’s stresses and left me feeling relaxed and back to normal

I had an amazing experience having Reiki and Aura & Crystal Healing at Mulberry Lodge. My feet were a key issue before my Reiki session and they felt a lot better to walk on the next day. My Aura & Crystal healing was lovely, it was relaxing and informative on how to improve areas of my life. Incredible how much she picked up on during this session – I can’t wait for my next session.

Choosing crystals for yourself
I would recommend buying crystals you can see and hold, rather than online.  If I’m selecting crystals for clients I will make a reiki distance connection with them first and then buy the required crystal, from a store. I then cleanse and tune the crystal to the clients requirement (for example to heal after a loss or calm the mind from anxiety), and infuse it with reiki energy.

Look out for stores selling health foods and jewellery, they often sell crystals too and places such as the Lake District, Peak District and Dales are good places to find crystal shops.

Choose crystals for a specific purpose (they all do different things), or just those that you are drawn to intuitively.  Either way take your time.  Hold one crystal at a time and feel the energy, see if you connect to it.  Once you’ve selected your crystals you need to cleanse it of any residue energy from other people who have touched it, and recharge it.

Cleansing your crystals
It’s important to cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly. There are a number of ways to cleanse crystals but the simplest is in a bowl of water.  Leave for 24 hours then remove from the water and allow it to dry naturally or pat it dry.  Note: this is only suitable for polished hard stones such as quartz, some stones are porous and in particular rough stones and standing them in water may cause damage.
The other methods I favour are leaving them out overnight under a full moon, this gives them a super cleanse, leaving only their own powerful energy behind.  You can also leave them out in the sun for a recharge or have them cleansed by a Reiki practitioner, if you live locally or are coming for a treatment I can do this for you.


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