Keeping your MoJo beyond 40!

As a woman in her 50th year, I’ve experienced that inevitable shift and change in my body.  It starts when you hit your 30’s and if you don’t watch out for it, that gain in weight, lack of flexibility, and loss of energy soon creeps in.  Today I’m proud to say I feel fitter and stronger than I did throughout the whole decade of my 40’s.  Since December I’ve lost 1.5 stones, dropped 25 inches, dropped a dress size (which is already nearly 2 dress sizes), and smashed my August goals already.
Here’s what I did and what you can do too.
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The magic of Reiki

Double blind science research projects have proved that Reiki is effective at healing.  Reiki works to raise the body’s energy frequency which promotes both mental and physical healing.  A beautiful form of natural healing that was developed in 18th century Japan by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui Sensei, Reiki is now used in hospices and hospitals to support patients to recover, ease pain or just to simply relax. Find out more about how Reiki works and how you can tap into this wonderful energy for yourself.

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How to heal deeply

We all experience difficult times in our life, whether that be loss, change, trauma or grief.  Working through or moving on from these situations can be a challenge on our own.  Our primitive brain want to keep us safe, and unwittingly it often keeps us stuck and locked down, emotionally.  I hear all of the time clients telling me they feel ‘drained emotionally’, ‘lost’, ‘disempowered’, ‘trapped’, and desperate to feel differently to how they do right now.  I want you to know that it is possible to find peace again, to be in harmony with yourself once again, and find joy in life.

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Alison’s passion for the human mind started when she was just 18 years old, and she has spend the following 30+ years reading, studying, and working in related sectors.  Alongside her own practice, Alison has also spent time working in digital health and wellbeing within the NHS, as well as being an approved coach for NHS staff.
Alison is the co-founder of Healthy Human 360, founder of
 360 Flourish and the
British Reiki Circle. 

Searching for balance in my life 

We can often feel out of sorts or pulled in too many directions.  Some areas of your life might be dominating others, (like work or caring for someone).  Other areas of your life might be lacking and that’s causing you to feel unfulfilled, (like a relationship or doing a job that feels worthwhile).  We can often overlook our own happiness and self care.
If this resonates for you, this healing programme will help you break this cycle and bring back joy into your life.  


I wanted to write to you to thank you [Alison] for the way you have guided me and given me clarity about a number of issues in my life – from starting my own business to sorting out what I achieve each day.
It’s just like talking to a friend but the conversations have a purpose and I always feel incredibly powerful and centred when we have finished chatting – ready to move forward.  I hope other people who have never experienced Life Coaching take the leap of faith, it’s really brilliant and life changing.

Finding a space to heal from my mind

From childhood and throughout adulthood our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and values are shaped.   For the most part this is helpful, however, our primitive brain will delete and distort information to protect us, at a subconscious level.  This isn’t always helpful, and can leave us feeling in conflict with ourselves and stuck in a rut about how we think, feel, behave, and perceive the world around us.  Left untreated this can then result in anxiety, low mood, panic, fear and even phobias.  Does any of that sound familiar?  If it does you will know how extremely deliberating it can be.  Where fear and pain live, there is no space for peace. 


Working with Alison has helped me to overcome my anxiety, and find a sense of calm in my days.

The mind and body connection

These healing sessions are the result of 16 years of knowledge and experience.  They have been crafted to work across mind and body in beautiful synergy, supporting you to heal deeply.  You simply cannot separate the two when trying to heal, if your energy is low you will feel this in physical and mental manifestations.  If you work to heal the body and not the mind, you’ll just end up where you started.  If you work to heal the mind and not the body’s energy, you’ll just end up back where you started.massage-835468_1280

I can’t believe what’s happening, words can’t describe it.  The talking helps me process and be heard without bias or interruption, and the Reiki afterwards helps me relax.  The healing from what I believe is the Reiki is a miracle, I have more colour in my face.  Things that I have had to suffer with for 20 years are either not an issue or are reducing significantly in pain.

Powerful combination to get you back on track and enjoying life again

Each session will combine talking therapy, coaching and Reiki healing.  Alison will seamlessly tap into whatever psychotherapy tools are appropriate for you; if you need to make a shift in a deep rooted belief or mindset then Alison will be using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to support this.  If you need to rid yourself of habitual behaviours that serve you no purpose then Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) will be used.  If you need to break a pattern that is resulted in physical or mental manifestations, Alison may choose Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  The best part is, you really don’t need to know or understand what goes into your healing, you just need to turn up.


Alison coached me last year and although I initially contacted Alison as a careers coach, she quickly identified that I would also benefit from some wellbeing coaching. Alison was supportive but challenging, and I made some very profound progress during our time together. I still utilise the techniques learned from my work with Alison, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for a friendly, skilled, knowledgeable and challenging coach to push you in your career/life goals.

Whatever you need

Sometimes we are not sure what we want or need, and that can keep us stuck.  Working with an intuitive therapist means you don’t have to come with the answers, you just turn up, and feel the magic unfold.


In 20 minutes or less, Alison was able to take me from a fairly lost uncomfortable place to real clarity with a problem.   She magically tuned in to my issue and helped me to visualise and personalise a dark thought, an inner negative voice, to the extent that it became almost lovable, and funny.   Something was diffused. I’ve waited for the voice to return so I could address it in a new way, it never has…but I’m waiting and prepared if it does

Start your healing journey today

phone-2048157_640 Bookings can be made by contacting Alison on 0784 3478399.

 The Healing Rooms are based in the East Yorkshire countryside (Skelton),
DN14 7RE.

Worldwide sessions are available via Zoom, Skype, messenger, video or voice call…


Supporting you to be your best and happiest self

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