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This is a beautiful and gentle therapy.  Angelic healers have been attuned to the angelic realm, and can call upon angels to help with healing therapies.

What is Angelic Healing?

Angelic healing is a form of energy healing, it’s both relaxing and rejuvenating.  The  therapist connects to the right angel for your needs at that time, whatever your circumstance; and is then guided by angels who emit the energy through the therapist.  The treatment will aid healing (emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually), clear negative energies and cleanse your aura from emotional or physical ties.  This therapy grew in popularity in the latter part of the twentieth century. 

A short History of Angels

The concept of angels has been around for centuries with original beliefs of animisms being that nature spirits like sprites and fairies live among us to help human kind.  There are also old beliefs that a single angel was attached to each human (and other objects), and could be either bad or good, they were known as daemons (you may recognise this term from the film ‘The Golden Compass’).  The concept of angels that we hold today is most closely aligned to the time of the Zoroastrian, going back as far as 550BCE. 

The Angelic Realm

Angels have a hierarchy, some have greater power and all have a special purpose. There are 3 spheres of angels, within each sphere are 3 divisions of angels, known as ‘choirs’.  In total there are 9 choirs of angels.  

It is in the 3rd sphere that you find the angels who connect to those living on earth, offering help during angelic healing and protection.  There are two choirs that work with humans, ‘Archangels’ and ‘Angels’.   

Archangels are the guardians of nations and countries and there are seven main archangels.  Angels (or regular angels) have a purpose to support all living things.

What will happen during my session?

The sessions are very relaxing and it is not uncommon for a client to sleep.  You may see colours or images, you may hear someone talking to you, or feel tingling or heat.  You may also get a sense of light headedness, and you could even experience astral projection (out of body experience).  Client’s also report of seeing white light, seeing or sensing angels. 

Using Reiki to enhance the experience, Alison will call upon the angels to aid healing, each angel is called upon by using a bell rung 3 times.  During the treatment any negative energies in the aura will be cleared and cleansed, and you will be released from those emotional or physical ties that no longer serve you. 

I drifted into a deep relaxation that continued after my treatment.  My arms felt as though they’d pixelated and the pieces were floating away, it was a strange sensation but not unpleasant.  I saw images of my deceased mum and a young woman with flowing white hair.


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