Chakras are our internal energy system, when they’re in balance we have feelings such as self confidence, compassion and peace.  When they’re blocked or out of balance we can feel anxious, emotional, and can experience a whole range of mental, emotional and physical issues.  Along with treatments from qualified practitioners, it is possible to support the health and balance of your own chakras.

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The core chakras

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Root Chakra

Element: Earth

Represents: Our foundations, grounding and connection to the earth and our ancestors before us. Also linked to money and financial independence.

Balanced: You’ll feel calm, content, with a smiley and happy disposition, and inner peace. You’ll tend to show more compassion and patience towards self and others.  Ability to cope with challenges and emotionally stable.

Imbalanced chakra impacts:
Physical wellbeing: associated with the feet, legs, joints and muscles of this area.
Associated with your adrenals and endocrine system.
Emotional wellbeing: triggers feelings of loneliness, insecurities, abandonment, depression, feeling stuck, disconnected and unstable.
Financial issues can also be attributed to poor balance in the root chakra.
Overdeveloped root chakra:  manifests in feeling set in your ways, being inflexible, finding it difficult to accept change and lacks an ability to feel deep satisfaction from life.

Heal & Balance: Eat nourishing root vegetables, proteins like red meat, eggs and nuts, and fill up on red foods like pomegranate, cherries and tomatoes. You might also like to throw on your hiking boots and get back in touch with nature.

Yoga poses: Mountain pose, warrior pose, sun salutations (upward dog), wide legged forward bend, malasana and bridge help to strengthen the root chakra.  All of the yoga poses shared throughout this post are part of my daily MoGaChi routine.

Sacral Chakra

Element: Water

Represents: Our creativity, sexual and intimate pleasure, physical reproduction and  connection to others, and a sense of abundance.

Balanced: You’ll be warm, welcoming, and creative,

Imbalanced chakra impacts:
Physical wellbeing:  Low libido or very high sex drive.
Emotional wellbeing: Feeling low in mood, cold or distant and inability to express your emotions, or alternatively the inability to contain them.  Feeling a lack of creativity.
Overdeveloped sacral chakra: inability to find peace, feelings of anxiety, despair or out of control, seeking out change, addictions to physical sensations (e.g. adrenalin, touch, food)

Heal & Balance: Eat rich sources of healthy fats like fish, nuts, seeds and coconut. Orange foods will also help to balance your sacral chakra. Think oranges, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin and mandarins.
Spend time in or around water (lakes, rivers, sea etc.)

Yoga poses: Any pose that open up the hips will nourish your sacral chakra.  I use wide legged child pose, malasana, reclined cobbler and seated wide leg forward bend.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Element: Fire

Represents: Our energy centre and personal power station. It’s responsible for our resilience, willpower, self-discipline and self-esteem.

Balanced: You’ll feel confidence and centred, in control without arrogance or ego.

Imbalanced chakra impacts:
Physical wellbeing: watch out for issues around the spleen and central body area
Emotional wellbeing: sense of being powerless, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.
Overdeveloped solar plexus:  You may find it hard to switch off, seek perfection, be egotistical, or bullying, prone to addiction

Heal & Balance: Grains, legumes and spices are all nourishing for the solar plexus chakra. But if yours is overactive, avoiding hot and spicy foods is probably a wise idea.  Try cooling activities such as swimming.
Enjoy yellow foods like bananas, pineapple, corn, chamomile and lemons.
If your solar plexus in under active heat building activities like hot yoga, walking in the sun or a hot steam room or sauna will help heal and nourish it.

Yoga poses: Working with poses that balance this energy centre have an uplifting effect on our entire sense of happiness and well-being. Poses that works our core are great options; the plank and bow pose stimulate blood flow to the organs. Warrior III is another good pose for the core, with corpse and child pose savasana’s counteracting the ‘core burn’.

Heart Chakra

Element: Air

Represents: The heart chakra is the energy centre from which we radiate love, joy, happiness and compassion. It also allows us to feel sorrow, sadness, anger and lust. The heart chakra is where we find our true self and only when we are able to love and accept ourselves are we able to truly love others.

Balanced: you’ll be compassionate and kind towards yourself and others with a sense of contentment, happiness, and inner peace.  A balanced heart chakra allows us to give trust, forgiveness; have stability, and emotional empowerment. When your heart chakra is strong you’ll feel happy and smiley with calmness and serenity.

Imbalanced chakra impacts:
Physical wellbeing:  Issues around the heart and upper chest area; high blood pressure or heart palpitations.
Emotional wellbeing: manifest in uncontrollable emotions such as anger, sadness, greediness or grief.  You may find yourself in a relationship where you are constantly giving and not receiving anything in return, always ‘fixing’ and ‘changing’ your partner.
Overdeveloped:  feeling highly sensitive, exhausted by big gatherings, dramatic or needy, easily involved in emotional drama.

Heal & Balance: Take time to get out into the fresh air and immerse yourself in nature to heal the heart chakra. Practice deep belly breaths. Eat lots of green foods such as green fruit & veggies, green superfoods and lots of fresh herbs, I love coriander, basil, rosemary and fresh mint.

Yoga poses: Backbends are the ultimate heart opener; the start of the sun salutation, bridge and upward facing dog (cobra).

Throat Chakra

Element: Ether

Represents: The throat chakra governs our communication and creative expression. It reflects our authenticity and is all about speaking the truth. Hearing, and specifically listening, is also associated with the throat chakra as it is a vital part of good communication.

Balanced:  you are able to express yourself in a healthy, honest and loving way. You are helpful, creative, open and respectful of others opinion.  You are comfortable with your own weaknesses.

Imbalanced chakra impacts:
Physical wellbeing: issues with laryngitis/sore throat, earache or neck pain, grinding teeth, earaches, sinus infections, or thyroid problems.
Emotional wellbeing: Inability to say what you want to/don’t speak up for yourself, lost for words, indecisiveness, lack of creative expression, inability to defend yourself and an unwillingness to accept criticism.
Overdeveloped: not listening, defensive, over-opinionated, critical, and bossy, nagging, talks too much.

Heal & Balance: Immerse yourself in the natural blues of nature. Spend time under a bright blue sky or immerse yourself in blue waters. Eat lots of blue foods like blueberries and blackberries.  A smoothie made with blueberries and coconut water is very healing for the throat chakra.

Yoga poses: Yoga poses that open and balance your throat chakra include fish pose, this helps relieve upper respiratory congestion and stretches the muscles and glands in the throat, thyroid and thymus. Camel pose, which stretches the front body and when done in full stretches and stimulates the throat. Plow which opens up the back of the throat rather than the front body.

Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Element: Light

Represents: The third eye chakra is led by our intuition, inner perception and is where we connect to a mental state. Our ideas, imagination, dreams, focus and values are all born through our sixth chakra.

Balanced: Spiritually connected and mature, wise, listens.

Imbalance chakra impacts:
Physical: poor vision, memory, dream recall, and imagination
Emotional: difficulties embracing a spiritual connection or awareness of your inner and outer realities. Rigid thoughts and stubborn belief systems. Difficulty seeing into the future, denial, and insensitivity.
Overdeveloped: living in fantasy worlds, out of touch with reality, nightmares, obsessions, delusions, and even hallucinations.

Heal & Balance: Sit outside in the sun with your third eye facing towards the light for short periods of time to help rejuvenate the third-eye chakra. Foods to heal the third eye include cacao, purple foods like aubergine, purple cabbage, kale and purple sweet potato also foods rich in omega-3 rich like salmon, walnuts, flax seeds.

Yoga poses: Yoga poses that assist in healing this chakra are child’s pose, tree and downward dog.  The eagle pose is another great asana that requires focus and concentration which helps stimulate the third eye.

Crown Chakra

Element: Light

Represents: The crown chakra is our access to higher consciousness. It’s also associated with feelings of bliss, ecstasy and deep wisdom.

Balanced: you will have wisdom, inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality, and feelings of pure happiness.

Imbalanced chakra impacts:
Physical: chronic fatigue, boredom, greed, neurological disorders or migraines.
Emotional: disconnection to faith or the universe, close-mindedness, living in fantasy worlds.
Overdeveloped: find ordinary life difficult, dreamer, mentally unbalanced with reality, not finishing things, may be obsessively attached to spiritual matters.

Heal & Balance: Meditation is the best way to heal an imbalanced crown chakra. Take a minute to connect to yourself and your spirituality. The crown doesn’t have specific foods associated with it, although a diet filled with nourishing and healing foods will positively impact this chakra.

Yoga poses: Inversions (downward dog, forward fold and legs up poses), and restorative poses (child, reclined cobbler, corpse) will nurture the crown chakra.

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