My love for aromatherapy and natural health started when I was just 18, some 30 plus years ago.  With my new aromatherapy range launching this month here’s a sneak preview of some of my favourite oils I’ll be using in my blends.

Breathe deeply the wonderful aromas of nature to soothe your mind and soul.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries all over the world, you only have to consider how a simple smell can take you back to a joyful moment in your life.  Even the smell of freshly cut crass, which to me signals Spring time; a time for new beginnings, colour and life.  Essential oils in particular will be the focus of this blog, as I introduce you to five of my favourites, aimed to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

I only use essential oils that I know have been ethically sourced, mostly organic and always high quality.

Extracted by cold pressing the fruit peel, this wonderful citrus oil is gently uplifting and mildly sedative.  It is particularly helpful for mild depression, nervous tension and sleep issues. Often referred to as ‘the children’s remedy’ this delightful smelling oil can calm an over-excited child, encouraging relaxation and sleep.  

Bed time pillow spray
5ml sweet almond oil (swap for another carrier oil if you have a nut allergy)
5ml water
Blend in 2 drops of mandarin essential oil with 1 drop each of camomile and clary sage essential oils.

I recommend spraying under the pillow first, then you can be sure it’s not too overpowering, and it removes any risk of staining the pillow.

A slightly more expensive oil but well worth the money.  This has a floral note that’s sweet and refreshing.  Extracted from the petals fo the neroli flower and steam distilled to leave you with the essential oil you’ll buy from the shops.  This oil is uplifting yet calming and is renowned as a nerve tonic, particularly helpful in times of stress or emotional imbalance.

Relaxing bath time
Blend together 2 drops each of pure neroli and pure clary sage essential oil, add 1 drop each of lavender and vetivert essential oil.

Add the oils after you’ve run your bath then swish around to disperse.  Relax, soak, and breathe in the calming oil blend for at least 15 minutes.

Like mandarin, the higher quality essential oils of grapefruit are captured by cold pressing the fruit peel.  You can also obtain oil from stream distillation of the peel and pulp of the fruit, this is a by product of fruit juice manufacturing.  This oil is refreshing and elevates the mood to flush away those blues, helping to dispel anxiety and nervous tension.

Spring joy for your burner
Blend together 3 drops each of grapefruit and mandarin essential oils
Add 1 drop of jasmine or ylang ylang

Pop the small bowl of your burner with water and add the oils.

Another from the citrus family with a beautiful fragrance, also used in ‘Earl Grey’ tea. Like other oils in the citrus family this oil is made through cold pressing, this time from the rind of the fruit.  This is superb for lifting a low mood and giving you back your self-confidence.  

Relaxing massage oil 
10ml grapeseed oil
Add 3 drops each of pure bergamot and mandarin essential oil, and 2 drops of pure patchouli essential oil

Beware of going out in the sun and exposing skin that’s had this blend on it, the citrus oils increase the UVB (burning) affects of the sun.

If you follow my blog you will have no doubt seen lavender pop up before as a firm favourite,  and I make no apologies for it popping up again 🙂 this is such a versatile oil which is safe and soothing for mind and body.  To turn the lovely purple flowers into essential oil, the lavender stems are laid out whilst steam passes through then, the plant essence in the form of vapour is then cooled in tanks.

Soothing night time rub
5ml water
5ml sweet almond oil (swap for another carrier oil if you have a nut allergy)
Add 2 drops each of pure lavender and camomile essential oils

Rub a small amount onto the chest and over the solar plexus (top of the ribcage just under the chest).

I’d love to hear what you thought if you try any of these out, how did they make you feel? Do you have any favourite blends to share?

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Craft your own wellbeing lifestyle

As well as blogging about wellbeing, I spent time last year bringing together a life time of learning into a short book that shares lots of practical advice, tips and strategies for a wellbeing lifestyle.

The book cost only covers the cost of printing and is on sale at £6.49.  You can grab a copy on Amazon here – if you buy it I’d love to hear what you think in the form of a book review on Amazon. Thank you.

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