Wellbeing Wrap – a holistic blog for mind, body and soul.
This edition of Wellbeing Wrap focuses on the four pillars of my
Live Well programmes; ‘Think Well‘, ‘Eat Well‘, ‘Workout Well‘ and ‘Live Well

Embracing a wellbeing lifestyle shouldn’t be a chore.  It shouldn’t feel like hard work, and it definitely shouldn’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.  I’m a huge fan of trying things out for size, then adopting, adapting or rejecting it if it doesn’t suit me.  I’ll research the benefits, the pro’s and the con’s, and add my own judgement into the mix once I’ve tried it out.  I believe that a wellbeing lifestyle is just that, it’s a way of life, not something you change for a few weeks or a few months.  Sure, sometimes you won’t stick to every single thing, that’s okay too, it’s your life, your journey. 

There’s lots of evidence to suggest that continual small changes, adding on new things as the previous things become embedded into your lifestyle, will give you joyful and lasting shifts.  Try it and let me know what you think. 

think well_low res
Think Well

Our minds are complex, wonderful, and brilliant.  They can also be childish, foolish, and unhelpful.  It’s almost as if it’s us against our minds sometimes.  So ‘Think Well’ is all about taking control of your noddle.

See the sun
We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we think about it.  If we choose to let it get us down, see the negative, we’ll start to feel less than satisfied with life. I’m not suggesting we go blindly skipping around with a huge grin on our face only seeing hearts and flowers.  What I am suggesting,  however, is the next time something annoys you, frustrates you, or makes you sad, take a moment to reframe your thoughts, how could you choose to see it differently?
I work with a lot of people who have intrusive and unhelpful thought patterns that are making them unhappy, getting ‘thought balance‘ is possible even if it’s deep rooted.

Mood Lifter – Essential oil blend
Try this wonderful essential oil blend and give yourself a massage and you work into your arms, body, and legs.

  • 10 drops of bergamot essential oil (mood: uplifting)
  • 4 drops of camomile essential oil (mood: consoling)
  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil (mood: soothing)
  • 15ml of grapeseed or sweet almond carrier oil

Blend all of the ingredient together in a little dish and enjoy.

eat well_low res 
Eat Well

What we put in our bodies affects our physical health, body functioning, and our mental health.  In the Live Well programmes, Eat Well’ focuses on nourishing yourself in line with health regulations and the latest scientific evidence, but also in a way that works for you.

Flex that diet
I’m loving flexing my diet between plant based, vegetarian, and the old meat and veg. diet.  I tend to agree that as a society we eat too much meat, heck we eat too much of most things because it’s wonderful, available and affordable.  I have to say though, I feel so much better health and ethical wise now I’ve substantially cut down on my meat based meals.  My iron levels were on the high side a couple of years ago and it was affecting my joints (in that they were achey), and it was affecting my energy levels.
Since changing my diet, my iron levels have returned to normal, and the symptoms have gone.  More over, I’ve found that I enjoy the variety of flavours much more too than my old diet, I never feel bloated or sickly after those meals and I don’t feel hungry either.  Check out my Pinterest boardnourish mefor inspiration.

Let’s talk wholegrain
Regular wholegrain consumption improves blood lipid profile, which contributes to an overall reduction in coronary heart disease-risk factors.  The most recent evidence recommends that we check our wholegrain consumption to make sure it’s hitting the guidelines.  It’s stated that three portions per day (70-90g) could provide cardiovascular benefits. Find out more about wholegrains and serving sizes.

Common wholegrains include:
wheat, oat, barley (not pearl), maize, brown rice, rye, millet, quinoa, amaranth, triticale, and buckwheat.

Common products containing wholegrain include:
whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, rolled oats, triticale flour, and popcorn (hey get that movie on).


workout well_low res
Workout Well

Working out is totally essential for our physical and mental health, not to mention the good functioning of our body in general.  ‘Workout Well’ focuses on finding a balance of activity that you enjoy and can fit into your lifestyle.

Is it a drag?
I know for some people having a workout routine is easy, for others it feels like a drag.  My earliest memories of working out (albeit I didn’t think of it like that) was playing out; riding my bike, running around with friends, climbing trees, and none of us felt like it was a drag.  So what changes?  We could blame it on time or money, not having access to a local gym or equipment at home, and it may all be true but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout.  Who can’t find 45 minutes in their day, really?  There’s an abundance of stuff you can do that’s free, you don’t even need equipment.  You can pick up relatively cheap equipment if you want to and gym clothes, although tracksuit bottoms or leggins and a T-shirt are sufficient. So this is my plea to you, find something that gets you moving that you love, be it dance, running, skipping, walking, biking, whatever.  Then once you’ve found your groove, go for it 🙂 

My routine
On Sunday I’ll be taking my last February
MoGaChi class (which I run in sets of 4 sessions).  It’s always gratifying when people enjoy the class and I can see improvements in peoples flexibility, strength and balance.  Go guys! This is a routine I do myself 3 to 4 times a week.  On at least 2 of those days I add in my own HiIT (takes just 5 minutes), and Ab workout (again, just 5 minutes).  I have seen my shape change over the past 2.5 years and it’s quite remarkable.  The whole routine takes less than 1.5 hours and I always feel amazing afterwards. 

I enjoy walking and cycling (when it’s not raining) so this ups my activity without it being a chore, albeit I’d say these are mostly leisure activities it all adds up.  I wanted to add a bit more cardio into my weekly routine so I started salsa dancing just before Christmas, OMG! love it soooo much.  I also want to add an 10 minute bike HiIT into my existing HiIT routine.  When I did this previously it had a huge impact on my shape and energy levels.  I’m stalling on this at the moment, I’ll keep trying and either get there with it or dump it in place of something else if it’s not working out.

Here’s more workout inspiration.

live well_low res
Live Well

You could argue that all of the above are about living well, and you’d be right.  In this section of the Live Well programmes I work with clients to bring in general wellbeing activities to their lives, and wrap it all up in a wellbeing lifestyle.

Feeling a little frazzled? Take a micro holiday
You can get you vavavoom back even from a stroll out at lunch in the fresh air, a mindful walk to take in what’s wonderful will have you skipping back to work.  If you can’t get out (stinky weather maybe) make yourself a cuppa and find somewhere to just sit, enjoy the sensation of relaxing and the wonderful flavour of your drink.  You might like to find somewhere peaceful, take 3 deep and slow breaths, close your eyes and visualise yourself sitting somewhere wonderful.

If my mind has been particularly stretched, I like to just sit and zone out.  Empty my mind, eyes glazed over, out of there – just a few seconds feels great.

Me time
We do not give enough time over to ourselves.  Modern women (and men), race around from one thing to a next, always in a rush, always with one eye on the clock.  Life is full of things to do, places to go, people to see.  So my next plea (of the blog) to you is STOP. Make a mindful choice to book yourself some time out that will mean you are actually having time out; mind, body and soul. 

What’s your favorite down time…

  • Relaxing in a bath of lovely essential oils and listening to some soothing music.
  • Enjoying an holistic treatment all to yourself
  • Putting on that lavender eye mask and going to bed early
  • Sitting in the sun and reading a book
  • Having your very own home spa day

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Craft your own wellbeing lifestyle

As well as blogging about wellbeing, I spent time last year bringing together a life time of learning into a short book that shares lots of practical advice, tips and strategies for a wellbeing lifestyle.


The book cost only covers the cost of printing and is on sale at £6.49.  You can grab a copy on Amazon here – if you buy it I’d love to hear what you think in the form of a book review on Amazon. Thank you.




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