Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing and effective energy healing technique.  It’s non-invasive and safe for everyone, and everything.  Animals are generally very receptive to reiki, naturally understanding that it is going to help them heal.

Practitioners of reiki are all attuned to the reiki energy by a Reiki Master.  A practitioner of reiki heals through conducting positive energy through your energy field, this can be performed either hands-on or hands-off, and at second degree reiki, distance healing. 

With animals that I’m treating face to face, I usually start hands-off.  They are always in charge.  If they don’t want reiki at that time, or they’ve done with a session, they’ll give me a clear cue.

What’s is it helpful for?

Reiki is used for a whole host of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.
Some of the areas that’s it’s helpful for with animals include:

  • To help them relax or heal emotionally after a traumatic experience
  • To help them feel safe when they arrive at shelters
  • To ease aches and pains in the body
  • To recover from injury or surgery
  • To ease symptoms from conditions
  • To reenergise energy levels 
  • To remove nervous tension
  • To heal digestive problems
  • To support them during pregnancy or through birth
  • To address erratic behaviour

I am convinced that energy medicine (such as reiki) is both the momentum of the future and the core of tradition.

Cheryl Schwartz, Holistic veterinarian & healer

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Merlin’s a husky dog.  He was diagnosed with diabetes that lead to blindness and physical ability struggles.  His owner reported he would often just lay for hours outside on the decking, seemingly uninterested in life. 

After experiencing reiki herself with me, Merlin’s owner decided to let me work with Merlin to see if I could improve things for him.

The Session 
After introducing myself I sat down on the floor and let the reiki energy flow, not directing it anywhere in particular, and just waited.  The reiki flow was strong, being drawn by Merlin.  He spent some time circling me, sniffing and licking my hands (it goes with the territory and is an indication that they are receptive to a treatment). 
  After a few minutes he laid down behind me, and I started the reiki on him from that position.  Animals often feel energy much stronger than we do, so sometimes a direct hands on or even hands facing an animal is too strong.   I continued hands off reiki for around 20 minutes, switching to hands on in the final 10 minutes, I did this because I felt intuitively that this is what Merlin wanted.  He felt reassured by the touch and fell asleep whilst I completed the session.  He gave every sign that he’d enjoyed his treatment, and was very chilled afterward.   On five consecutive days following his treatment I gave Merlin distance reiki, making sure it was at the same time every day (after his insulin injection when he was often restless).  His owner reported that he’d started taking an interest in the garden and walking out again, as well as seeming more relaxed after his insulin.  His owner has also gone to great lengths to ensure that Merlin’s nutritional intake and exercise supports his recovery.  This is so important for animals and people alike, healing and recovery requires a holistic approach, taking into account our physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs. 

If you’re interested in reiki for a cherished pet, sessions can be booked face to face (if appropriate geographically), or through distance healing.

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