Combining sensory, energy and psychotherapy techniques is powerful and beautiful.  When I started my practice I would offer talking therapy and coaching separate to Reiki, however, I learnt over time that the healing is more profound when they are combined.  Here’s I share a little of Julie’s journey.

Julie came to me feeling at the end of her tether, having already tried numerous other avenues to gain control over her anxiety and anger.   Psychologically, we know that feelings such as anxiety and anger are rooted in fear, however, this is rarely known to the client and often sits at a deep subconscious level.

At the first session I asked Julie to go back to the first moment that she recalled feeling anxiety, and together we explored the totality of the event; the time leading up to it, what happened afterward, and associated feelings from it.  We then explored a more recent event, and stripped it back to understand the reality of the anxiety associated to the event.  The aim is always to support the client respectfully in understanding the root cause, and the reality.  Our brains are complicated beasts and often distort and delete information, which can have us believing all sorts on non truths.  In this type of coaching I often use neurolinguistic programming to help clients reframe limiting beliefs and emotions (rewiring the brain, if you like).

From the first session it was clear that Julie felt she was ‘not good enough’, sadly this is a common occurrence in our era of social media and high flying ‘she can have it all’ pressures.  Julie’s reason, however, was not about either of those things, rather it was rooted in a parental situation that went back to childhood.  Over the course of the sessions we worked together to unearth the beliefs and emotional upset and change the perception of the current reality.  Each week Julie went away with tools to use in her journey to harnessing a calm and peaceful mind.

I have found that using Reiki and sensory therapies heals not just the mind and the body, but the spiritual self too.  Sometimes Julie asks me to heal specific things, break connections that she feels is hindering her or make a shift to something that happened in the past, and I love this challenge.  I always, without exception, work through the core energy system (chakras), then move on to work intuitively with both Reiki and any crystals I’m using thereafter.  Here’s four extracts from Julie’s* session feedback:

Session 1:

“Wow Alison, that really was strong and powerful. I have just about come back to the present hence the delay. I do feel quite tired but am going to have a relaxing afternoon. I think playing the music helped me to go into a deep relaxation. On starting I felt my nose fizzing and coming down and out .

Gradually my mouth, tongue was next especially around the outside of it. My whole face, cheeks tingled and all through the treatment I kept putting it out as far as it would go. Lots of deep sighs and breathing out. Have lots of saliva for the first time in ages.Lots of faces again, animals especially tiger and bear faces. Anew one being bird of prey with big eyes looking at me. No colours today. Had an image of a ship coming towards me , with the white waves at the sides of it and at the pointy end the face of a tiger. Had this twice. Felt a spot in my right back rib when I was having reactions with my nose and mouth”

Session 2:

“That was great Alison. Thank you for understanding. I was teary all through the treatment but ok at the end. At the beginning I had a bright white light coming towards me and in the middle section another came but from the right and going to the left. Nothing much else. I did have a spot at the right side near ribs that reacted and also at the left at the front where I get reactions.  Had zizzy reactions at the left side of my head, up to the crown. My left arm which I broke has been hurting for a few weeks and near the end of the session I felt a dull ache round it. It feels better”

Session 3:

“That was super Alison. Thank you. Felt very relaxed and happy. Had a lot of faces and eyes during it. Then about 3/4s of the way through I came over very hot and sweaty for a short time and then disappeared At that point I could smell meat pie and also now whilst doing this. Tears started and it took me back to dinner on a Thursday when I was at  home Thursday was meat pie and rice pudding!! I could see the tin that my mum used for it. I then asked for her face to come through but it didn’t. My thoughts then went to the time when they arranged for a doctor to visit me at home when I was 16. My GP didn’t know what was wrong with me and I wasn’t getting better… A different scenario today”

Session 4:

“Thank you Alison. I feel so much better for the talking therapy and after the treatment. I had bright white light for the first 10 mins and then it went to yellow.  There were so many female and male faces coming and going. I saw my dad twice but no bad reaction. I had a big left eye coming towards me. Wild animals featured again and eyes were all very prominent. Lions and tigers kept coming back and a bear’s head. I could feel my nose clearing and the sensation coming out from my tongue which I kept putting out. I am so grateful to you Alison. You  have helped me so much today and I feel in a much better frame of mind”

It is always heartwarming to watch the transformation and know that clients leave me in a better place; mentally, physically and spiritually.  Sometimes the journey is tough, and it always takes both parties full commitment to make the shift.  Julie continued to come for Reiki for many months after her healing sessions. Reiki is for life after all 🙂

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s anonymity.

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