The ancient art of acupressure can relieve aches and pains, remove energy blockages and restore the body’s balance

Acupressure brings quick relief in many situations where stress and tension start to show in our bodies.  This technique is based on the theory that good health depends on the free movement of energy around the body*.

Acupressure points have a high electrical conductivity on the surface of the skin, that works effectively at conducting and channelling healing energy.  The channelling of healing energy is called Reiki.  The meridians in our bodies connect the acupressure points to each other, as well as to our internal organs. The meridians each have a specific channel that circulates electrical energy throughout the body.  The manner in which these are connected means that stimulation of one acupressure point can initiate healing messages to other parts of the body which, benefiting a whole range of complaints and symptoms.

*The flow, balance, and harmonisation of your body’s energy system can also be restored and maintained through the following methods:  tapping (EFT), chakra and aura treatments, specific exercises (like yoga), set postures and routines, and crystal therapy.

The Science
The great scientist, Albert Einstein, described his formula E= mc squared with the simple concept that ‘energy is all there is’.  Flowing energy (that within and around us), and congealed energy (solid matter).  

3 Self Help Techniques

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 09.40.38


Relieve a Headache: working on this acupressure point in the middle of the cranium can be a really effective way to calm an overactive mind and ease the tension in your head.  The point sits at the top of your head (between your ears).  Find this point and then with your fingertip massage it gently for a few minutes

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 09.41.14

Soothe Tired Eyes: Using your thumb and the knuckle of your forefinger, gently pinch along the boney ridge of your upper eye.  Finish by working the point in the middle of the eyebrow.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 09.41.31

Relieve Insomnia: Lay one hand facing palm up, starting from the outer side (thumb end) and working across to the far side (little finger), gently pinch-pull across the crease of your wrist.  Finish by applying gentle pressure to the point between your eyebrows (third eye).


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Wishing you all a happy and healthy life.

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