You could call this therapy an ‘energy psychology’ or ‘energy medicine’, we all have energy in and around us, but how do we use it to heal?

This week’s wellbeing blog takes a look into chakra and aura healing, how it works and what it’s helpful for.

Science and metaphysics agree that everything, living or inanimate objects hold energy which vibrates at specific frequencies (or speeds).  The earth itself has an energy field around it which grounds us and absorbs energy from the sun. We pick up on all kinds of energy around us, good and bad energies. You know how sometimes you feel’ a person has ‘good energy’ or you instantly feel wary of someone?  This is picking up on their auras. Your aura is your energy surrounding you, it is fed from your chakras, the energy within you. Although you can’t see it you can certainly feel it if you focus on it.

Like a rainbow, the 7 core chakras each have a different colour associated with them:

  • Root Chakra – red (base of spine)
  • Sacral Chakra – orange (navel)
  • Solar Plexus – yellow (base of sternum)
  • Heart – green (chest)
  • Throat – blue (throat)
  • Brow – purple (in between your eyes)
  • Crown – violet-white (top of your head)

The flow of energy moves through the chakras, permeating to the minor chakras and beyond to the aura.  When a chakra gets blocked it affects the chakras upstream, any associated minor chakras, and if not resolved, eventually our aura.  You may experience a mild chakra imbalance as feeling out of sorts, or it may manifest in mental issues, dis-ease and physical illness.  This is because each core chakra is linked to our physical body (organs) and our mind.

A qualified therapist will first make a health check of your chakras and aura, using a technique such as Reiki, they may also use a crystal pendulum to pick up on the energy in the chakras and auric field. Once a diagnosis has been formed, a treatment is carried out.  Often treatments come in blocks of 6 and require activity by the client in between sessions to support the healing process. Treatments can come in forms of Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy or colour therapy, meditation and even chanting.  Activity by the client can come in the form of meditation, mindfulness, affirmations and even diet and exercise.  Subsequent sessions will re check the health and work on the chakra and aura as required. If using crystals, a therapist may select specific crystals to support an imbalance.  Often clear quartz crystals are used on the 21 minor chakras to enhance healing.

This is an area that I adore working in, and clients often experience deep relaxation, along with physical and mental sensations during treatment.  Energy healing has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and practices, and has been used for centuries. It’s now becoming a more accepted form of holistic therapy, with people choosing it over medication, and the side effects that come with traditional western medicine.

I went to Alison for the aura and chakra balancing treatment. I felt instantly relaxed with Alison and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The key areas I needed to work on were all spookily accurate.


If you’re interested in booking in for a treatment, leave your details with me at on Facebook messenger or on 0784 3478399, and I’ll contact you to arrange a suitable date and time.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

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