EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is part of a therapy suite known as ‘energy psychology’.  

Made popular in the Western world by Gary Craig, this amazing technique has thousands of case studies where people have healed emotional, physical and mental illnesses. Here I talk about where it came from, what it is and how it works.

Whilst there are many pressure points across the whole body, there are 8 core pressure points that are commonly used as a type of emotional and physical first aid.  I have now completed my ‘Diploma in EFT Practice’, and whilst I’ve been practising on myself I’ve noticed some amazing results. When I first started studying this technique the sequence and approach seemed relatively simple to apply, and that’s because the clever creator, Gary Craig, has crafted this technique from the more complicated TFT (thought field therapy).  As I got further into the course, I realised that there were different methods used dependant on the client’s presentation, and there are often layers of ‘aspects’, contributing to the presenting issue; all of which need to be worked through. Fortunately, as a coach who regularly uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), this gives me an advantage in supporting clients to get to the root cause of these ‘aspects’.

It seems you can use EFT for almost anything, overcoming emotional baggage, pain, anxiety, addiction, phobias, even opening up to wealth and success (related to working on embedded subconscious beliefs and sabotaging behaviour).  Interestingly, the researchers of a study in 2013 (Bodily Maps of Emotions), concluded that emotional feelings are associated with discrete, yet partially overlapping, maps of bodily sensations. They worked with over 700 subjects in 5 different experiments related to 13 human emotions.  This is demonstrated quite nicely in the fact that the emotion of stress creates 1400 psychological changes in the body (including hormonal and chemical). So mind affects body, and body affects mind, they work together. You’ve no doubt heard the term, ‘died of a broken heart’, where someone’s loss of a loved one is so intense, so encompassing that their body literally gives up.  A person who feels emotions of self worthlessness, for example, may feel pain in their physical body. Tapping works by getting to the root cause and provides ‘emotional freedom’ from any issue, and hence healing. When you look at how the body and mind is made up, it starts to make perfect sense.  If you’re interested in EFT and using this as part of a blended therapeutic intervention, find out more about Alison’s healing treatments.

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