I first came across the works of Meik Wiking a couple of years ago when he released ‘The little book of Hygge’ (or hoo ga). This is a man who heads up the Happiness Research Institute, what a job! 

This week’s blog takes a look at what a Lekke lifestyle has to offer us in, is finding happiness really that easy?

These insightful & inspiring books are a delight to read.  So first off, to explain Lykke (or luu kah) is Danish for happiness.  Iceland, Switzerland & Norway come top of the happiness charts whilst my native country, UK, is forth from the bottom. Ouch.  I’ve just started reading this book so I’m intrigued to understand more about this fact, but it got me thinking, what does happiness mean? How does it differ for different cultures or countries & why? How does our happiness rank now to 10, 20 or 30 years ago.  I’m also struck by our own definition of happiness f what we allow to create ripples in our pools of serenity.  Mind set definitely has a part to play.  When I think about a Buddhist monk for example, does their calm & peace mean happiness or is it neutral? Some people thing money buys happiness but we can all list many celebrities that have an abundance of money & are very unhappy indeed. 

So this brings me full circle to my Live Well programme; it’s not one thing but rather a holistic approach that allows our minds, hearts & souls to experience happiness. 

My Top Lekke Tips to get you started

  1. Health:
    • Good quality nourishment will give you energy, great mood and have you looking radiant.
    • Make time to get active.  A lot of us are now working office jobs and sit on our booty for an average of 8 hours a day, if you travel any distance that time is going to increase.  The most important thing is to enjoy it, so find something you love doing, and find out what time is you sweet spot.
    • Connect with nature.  Go for a long walk or a mooch around your garden, and really use your senses to hear, see, feel and smell your environment.  Feeling connected to the greater world around us has a significant effect on our brain.
  2. Togetherness:
    • Make time to spend with the family you love.  You never know how long you have with them, so make it count.  This will boost your loving connection and release lots of feel good chemicals too.
    • Hug.  Hugging has been proven to increase your bond with someone and that sense of connection.
    • Connect with like minded people. Those that bring you joy, get your intellectual juices flowing or bring about those wonderful belly laughs.
  3. Freedom:
    • Most of us have to work, but we shouldn’t be trapped in jobs that are making us unhappy.  Reframing how you feel about your job can help.  Look for other opportunities that will bring you more joy.  Most of all, create a life that gives you the freedom you deserve.
  4. Trust:
    • When we give our trust to others, the positive nature of that action radiates a sense of connection and wellbeing for both parties, more than you might realise.
  5. Kindess:
    • Underrated. Often not seen. Kindness is a superpower.  It’s effect and impact will ripple far wider than you will ever know.  Doing something for someone else, putting someone else’s needs above your own, even for a small thing (think of the smile from giving that warm coffee to the man on the corner of the cold street, who slept homeless last night).  It’s a powerful action that will bring a happy feeling to you both.
  6. Money:
    • We can have a strange relationship with money.  For sure it can turn a miserable existence into one of joy, but it can also turn families upside down during inheritance and divorce wars. I could also list countless celebs that have lots of money, and not much happiness.  In my experience, you can always cut your cloth to fit your budget.  Find a balance, making money vs freedom or making money vs happiness (if you like), what’s enough?  What’s the most important thing?

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Have a wonderful week everyone,

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