‘This Week with Alison’ is about sharing whatever I’ve been mulling over, reflecting on, discussing, reading, learning, practicing or generally tinkering with this week.  

This week read about gut health, my visit to the cats and what I’ve been up to at mHabitat

It’s a Gut thing – When I first starting reading about gut health in early 2017 I was amazed at the impact it has on our mood, weight & health.  Who knew that the gut has brain cells? The bad bacteria love sugary foods and as they grow dominant, your good bacteria decreases, along with your mood.  Another fact that I found interesting, did you know that all our good work on probiotics needs a little injection of prebiotic to feed them? A balance of daily recommended fruit (2), & veg (5) plus a few whole grains, nuts & seeds, and throw in a healthy amount of live yogurt & fermented foods & you’ll be on your way to a healthier gut.
Last year I read Dr Michael Mosley’s clever gut diet, where he embarks on scientific research to understand the gut & it’s role.  If you haven’t read it I’d highly recommend it.  So, armed with all of this new info. I’ve been looking after my gut better for the past 12+ months & it’s had a positive impact.  Morning breakfast and even lunch could trigger off irritation in my bowel, & some foods left me feeling slightly sick. Yogurt based breakfasts never do this. Throw in some fruit & seeds & your packing a great gut meal.  Make an oat bran overnight oat pot, & get even more gut support.  I’m so convinced by the science, evidence & my own journey, that I use these principles in my Live Well programme.  You can take a peek at my variations on breakfasts and general ‘gut health’ on my Nourish Me Pinterest board.


Cats the Musical – my thoughtful daughter bought us tickets to see cats at The Grand Theatre in Leeds, as part of a Christmas gift.  It was their last performance & they didn’t disappoint.  We both loved it, & had a brilliant time together.  This is a great way to pack in a bit of joy for maintaining great mental health; time with family, music, song & dance.  Did you know that these type of activities may be something a coach, CBT therapist or OT might be recommended as part of a holistic treatment plan? All of these things help to release our natural happy drug, endorphins.  Sounds good to me.
Picture credit Leeds List

mhabitat is an independent business owned by the NHS, where I work 3 days a week.  Over the past 18 months I’ve been working with health and care Practitioners on the value of digital to their practice & for those people who access our services.  Now we’ve finished the small scale trials (read the public report), I’ll be continuing the work through the Health & Care Academy, where I sit on 2 work streams, to explore how we can leverage the learning & assets to have more impact across Leeds as part of the  city’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy.  This is real heart & soul work for me; being able to tap into the value of digital information, products & services can make such a huge difference to service costs, time pressures & citizen wellbeing.  I also get to continue work on another passion of mine, leadership.  We put on a workshop for middle managers & team leaders last year & the aim is to expand that offer for the Health & Care Academy through mHabitats events programme under Co>Space North.  I sense it’s going to be another great year.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

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