‘This Week with Alison’ is about sharing whatever I’ve been mulling over, reflecting on, discussing, reading, learning, practicing or generally tinkering with this week.  

This week is about dealing with grief, my hike in the lakes and how to save the bees, whilst looking and feeling beautiful

This week I’ve been doing the ‘grief’ meditation pack from Headspace (no affiliation).  My lovely mum passed away suddenly in her sleep 9 years ago, and my brother passed away just over a year ago at 55.  It’s fair to say that everyone deals with grief differently, and there’s no right or wrong way.  What I do know, however, is ‘stuck’ grief hurts, and it affects all kinds of other parts of your life.  This pack gently helps you to sit with grief, not judge the feeling, try to be sad or repress it.  This is a helpful perspective and it sets aside time to focus on the loss of loved ones.  Sometimes I’ve cried, sometimes I’ve felt guilt, and sometimes I’ve felt nothing at all (apart from relaxed during the meditation).  Does it work? I’m willing to believe it does, after all meditation is about harnessing our mind, heart and soul so for me it can only be a good thing.  mHabitat, the team I work in for 3 days a week, released a grief section of the MindWell website they developed as part of a commissioned piece of work from the NHS, so if you’re going through a bereavement, or know someone who is, take a peek at the resources HERE.


Last weekend we were in the Lake District on a lovely farm in Threlkeld.  We both love the Lakes and visit regularly throughout the year.  Col (hubby), is a keen hiker and would clime mountains all week long (by foot or mountain bike), I on the other hand like to take my time wandering up and stopping to take in the marvellous views, inspect wild flowers and generally nosey at what nature is up to. There were a surprising number of millipedes on route; that said, they’ve got the legs for it 😉   With every step I can feel a sense of calm wash over me.  It really is a small piece of paradise.  Here’s a collage of a few snaps from our walk which started at  Threlkeld, up Doddict Fell, across Blencathra, down via Knowe Crags & back across the fields to Threlkeld.

bee-lovely-range-social-media-tileSigns of Spring – Nothing gives me quite so much joy as nature waking up after a sleepy winter.  I adore watching the bees getting ready for another year of raising their baby bees, and pollinating our fruits and vegetables as they go along with their business. The honey bee is probably the one most people know, but there are over 250 species of wild bumblebee and solitary bee in the UK, all doing a really important job to keep our environment and economy healthy.  Did you know it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops without bees (Friends of the Earth, Bees Booklet).  Sadly, There has been an overall decline in wild and honey bees over the past 50 years for a number of reasons (government review).  Neales Yard Remedies are supporting bee friendly charities by donating 3% of sales from their ‘Bee Lovely’ range, good job NYR.  Fancy indulging in this gorgeous range of products at the same time as supporting bee charities – take a peek  Bee Lovely

Have a wonderful week everyone,

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