‘This Week with Alison’ is a new blog series for one month where I’ll be sharing whatever I’ve been mulling over, reflecting on, discussing, reading, learning, practicing or generally tinkering with this week.  

Kicking off this week with The Louise Parker Method and my own Live Well programme

First off, I’ve had my head in The Louise Parker Method ‘Lean for Life’ book over the past couple of weeks, and I loved it so much I bought her cookery book too.  I have quite a collection of nutrition and lifestyle books and they all add to a greater understanding of what people are trying out, what’s new in science and different things for me to try out too.  
As creator of the ‘Live Well’ programme and a huge advocate of an holistic approach to living well, I love Louise’s ethos and no nonsense approach. You can pick up a copy at Amazon

think well_low resSo I’m just over half way through an EFT Diploma (Emotional Freedom Technique), and I’m loving it.  This is a super interesting energy therapy that helps to relieve emotional and physical discomfort or pain by using 9 core acupressure points.
When I started it the sequence and approach seemed relatively simple to apply, and that’s because clever creator Gary Craig has crafted this technique from the more complicated TFT (thought field therapy).  This week I’ve learnt that sometimes there are layers of aspects, contributing to the presenting issue, that need to be worked through, and enter coaching. So this is a great way for me to combine my techniques from coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and EFT for a deeper healing and mindset shift.  Love it!

eat well_low resThis weekend has been the Easter holidays and my normal diet has turned into a bit of indulgence, and boy can I tell.  My energy levels are down, my mood has been a tad uneven and my mind has been adrift with all kinds of thoughts. So this morning I kicked off my normal diet with one of my favorite breakfasts, overnight oats.  Check out my ‘Nourish Me’ pinterest board for this recipe, along with a whole host of other posts on health benefits of foods, 5:2 meals, and lots more.
live well_low res

I’m a keen fan of morning meditation and yoga, it really sets me up for the day.  I’d wanted to do a regular routine of both for years but never got into the groove with meditation, and my yoga practice was sporadic.  As I got older I started to get less flexible, and with a busy life I needed some brain down time to balance my thoughts and functioning. Around 18 months ago I knew something had to change, and I was determined to get into a routine that was sustainable. I discovered ‘Headspace’, a mindfulness meditation app, so I added this to what was then a stop-start yoga routine and committed to an (almost) daily routine.  I don’t give myself a hard time if I miss a morning but I make sure that I never skip 2 days in a row, that’s my promise to myself. The secret in the end was guided meditation, and I love Andy’s Headspace app, getting up 30 minutes earlier each morning, having a tailored yoga routine that suited my needs (I created this myself from my trusty Collins Yoga book), and then just getting on with it. 

workout well_low resLike most indoor workers, I can find myself sat for long periods of time without moving, and this is not great for your physical or mental health.  So for the past couple of weeks I’ve tried something a little different, inspired by the 80’s Lizzy (aka Green Goddess). In one of my moments of reflection I’d remembered that she’d reported an increase in her own fitness and noticeable weight loss over the course of the year just by doing short intermittent routines, daily, for TV-AM viewers, I guess this was the 80’s version of HIIT. So I decided to do a 2 minute HIIT routine every hour (when I’m in the office and not in company), which equates to 2 or 3 days a week.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Have a wonderful week everyone,

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