When life is busy, or all of your energy is focused on a particular aspect of life, it’s easy to find yourself out of balance, and not paying enough attention to the other important areas of life. This is known as our ‘life balance’.  

This week’s blog takes a practical look at checking where you are with your life balance, and an easy first step to getting it back on track

When we are out of balance for too long we feel this through emotional and physical states.  You may have a sense of frustration, sadness, longing, anxiety or just a general low mood.  You may also notice it in your weight (gain or loss), or the health of your hair, skin or even your energy levels.

Clients, on the ‘Live Well’ programme, start by self assessing their current balance against 8 core dimensions (based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).  From there we explore the current reality of each dimension before setting goals to improve those areas out of balance.

With a deep knowledge and experience of what it takes to make a mind-set change, and how the mind and body influence each other, the coaching works to support clients to find their own life balance, for a happier and healthier life.

What does your Wheel of Life look like?

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 14.16.05

image (c) 360 Flourish

For each area ask yourself ‘how happy or satisfied am I with this dimension?’.  If you are totally satisfied, i.e. it doesn’t get any better than this for you, score 10.
If this dimension is rock bottom at the moment, score it 1.
Use the 1 to 10 scale to get the scores right for you.  Score from gut instinct and then ask yourself ‘is this the right score for me?  Once you’re happy with all of the scores join the dots from each dimension around the wheel so you make a type of radar graph.

Quick Balancer:

Now make 2 lists as follows:

  1. Things I will START doing to regain balance in my life
  2. Things I will STOP doing, re-prioritise or delegate to regain balance in my life

You can access a free sheet with instructions from the members area of the Flourish Club – just type in the password FR518

Supporting you to be your best and happiest self

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