Top 10 Tips for a Booming Business:

Over the years I’ve spent time setting up and improving my own business, as well as helping dozens of others to do the same from within organisations, as a business analyst.  This week I’ll share some insights into how you can ‘boom your biz’

I always loved the diversity that my business analysis role brought.  Joining a team to understand their vision and ambition, mapping out the current situation, then taking the wonderful diverse skills, knowledge and experience of all of those involved to get the best possible results to move that business, process, or team forward.

It is fascinating how often continual improvement is never even considered in business.  It’s left to shiver in a cold dark cupboard whilst everyone enjoys the celebrations as the business goes from strength to strength.  The hard truth is, that no business can stand still.  Successful business owners are always looking to innovate, improve, be better, disrupt competitors, and even seek to be the best on the market.  Take Apple, they’re hugely successful and whilst once upon a time, pre Steve Jobs, the mac was something that only the elite or ‘slightly strange’ used, now everyone wants a piece of apple (unless you’re a die hard android lover).  Do they stand still and delight in their huge success? No. They keep innovating and looking for ways to stay in the top league.

It isn’t a dark art, but it does take expertise to get this right.

Here’s my top tips to get you started:

💥 Be clear on your purpose:  May sound obvious, but check that everyone knows what the purpose of your business is, or if you’re looking at a specific product or service, what the purpose of that is, and how they fit in.

💥 Know your strategic ambition: Where do you want to be? What do you want to be know as? How do you want your customers to think of you?

💥 Know who your competitors are, and what they’re up to.

💥 Understand what’s happening around you that might make have an impact, this could be statutory, legal, or economical.

💥 What are your ‘gaps’ and what is the impact of those on your business?
The ‘impact’ would typically be categorised under either money, time, or quality.

💥 Opportunities: Consider what and where your opportunities are.

💥 Who needs to be ‘in the room’

💥 Follow a good process for improvement, e.g. PDSA, Lean or systems thinking

💥 Keep your stars on board and co-design wherever possible

💥 Plan. Plan. Plan. Never underestimate good project management.
Changes can fail to remain embedded, or achieve the set goals, because of poor planning and project management than you might think, and that includes large successful organisations.

Interested in working with Alison?

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