Human happiness is a fascinating topic, and not least the dimensions of our being that contribute to said happiness.

I have spent (at least) the last 35 years intrigued with the human mind, both my own and others.  I’ve read countless books, articles and papers. I’ve pondered and chewed over what it is that makes some people happy with so little, and others who seemingly ‘have it all’, so miserable? and a million other questions that continue to drive my curiosity and appetite for answers.  Here’s what I found…

What I’ve read, noted, and observed, is that we can forget that our mental health needs taking care of too. According to recent surveys published by the NHS and charity MIND, around 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem every year. In England, 1 in 6 people have reported experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week. In reality, I believe you could easily double this figure.

We all have mental health, just the same as we have physical health.  The part that is often overlooked or misunderstood is how much our mind and body influence each other.  Exercise and diet are 100% key factors in having a happy and healthy life. Our mental health will fluctuate during our lives for all kinds of reasons, just as our physical health will.   Sometimes people may need long term treatment to keep the functioning of their brain in balance (just like others need the same for a physical condition).  Others may simply need short term coaching or therapy to get back on track (just as we might have physio for a physical condition).  For many of us, there’s lots of things we can do ourselves to keep our mental health and physical health in tip top condition.

Here’s my top tips for taking good care of your mental health:
☀️ Connect with people that lift you

☀️ Nutrition is key to a healthy mind as well as body, so make sure your nutrition is nourishing you (cut down on that sugar & alcohol)

☀️ Exercise is another mind & body double act, and is absolutely key to good mental functioning. Include some yoga.

☀️ Stop seeking perfection.  We’re all work-in-progress, that’s what makes us human

☀️ Stay hydrated with water, dehydration plays havoc with mind & body

☀️ Remember what you’re grateful for, often

☀️ Accept that sometimes life is tough, but it will be ok, you’re still in charge

☀️ Happiness starts with a positive thought; reframe negative thoughts

☀️ Do more of the things that bring you joy

☀️ Practice mindfulness meditation

☀️ Live in the now; you can’t change the past & all life experiences help us learn and grow

☀️ Connect with nature

☀️ know that your a wonderfully imperfect, as we all are



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