Top 10 Tips for a Happy Team:

The success and sustainability of a business relies on those who work within it.  Mental health issues and work related sickness rates are increasing year on year.  Losing staff not only costs money, but it risks your customers, and the wellbeing of those staff left behind.  It doesn’t have to be this way, and here’s my share on how you can work toward getting it right.

We know effective teams don’t just happen, they require careful nurturing, developing and whole host of other important factors to be in place.  Forming and maintaining a happy and effective team requires skill and knowledge from those leading so that individuals can enjoy a healthy chunk of motivation, and job satisfaction.

Teams inevitably go through different stages as people leave or join, or services change, and these need to be recognised and led with thought and consideration.  Above all, teams are made up of individuals, and if an individual isn’t happy, you can bet that it’s having an impact on the rest of the team too.

Here’s my top 10 tips to get you on your way to a happier team:

👊 Team purpose: If a team doesn’t know what it’s there to do, how can they do the right things, and feel like their job has meaning.

👊 Clear goals & objectives: Sounds obvious right? but I can assure you that many smaller teams pick up tasks and activities to keep things going without the fundamentals being really clear; who, why, what, how and when.

👊 Development & learning opportunities: Failing to support staff to learn and develop means you’re not getting the best out of staff, and they’re ultimately going to get bored and beleaguered.  At this point, the best you can hope for is that they’ll leave, at worse they’ll stay.

👊 Team spirit: Never underestimate the speed of trust (as stated beautifully by Steven Covey – 7 habits range).  A lack of trust creates barriers, delays and costs money.  So fostering a great team spirit with trust, respect and support is vital.  To do this they need to understand themselves, and each other.

👊 Team dynamics: A team is made up of individuals; understanding their diversity, preferences, and styles is super important if you want a happy team (and a successful business).

👊 Individual wellbeing: Aside being a happy camper at work, individuals will inevitably bring their whole selves to work, and that includes everything that’s going on for them outside work (good and bad).  Individual coaching and support should be a priority.

👊 Processes: It had to be in here.  Boring as it may sound, unless you’re a process nerd like me, these keep your business efficient, professional, and avoid internal frustrations.  Review them regularly, improve them often.  Nurture them and they will provide fruits of time and money saved.

👊 Tools for the job: Without the essential tools for the job, it’s not getting done properly.  So invest wisely and get everyone involved in what the ‘essentials’ are.

👊 Bob on management:  A good manager is worth their weight in gold.  These super hero’s are helping to keep a happy balanced team as well as happy customers.  Ensure they’re well supported, are involved in the company vision and have the skills to do their job.  After all, managers are individuals and team players too.  So all of the above applies.

👊 Great leadership: A great leader has a big job to do.  If your staff are the heart of the business, then you are the soul.  You must have an eye on the future, whilst nurturing the present.  You must create a shared vision, and then provide the opportunities, and the environment, for everything to flourish.

Interested in working with Alison?

Alison offers three wellbeing coaching sets that have been designed to support individuals to get their wellbeing back on track, and provide them with a tool kit that will continue to support them beyond the 6 weeks.  If you want to find out more about the coaching sets contact Alison at or find out more here

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