All of my stories are true; my life, experiences, and what I’ve learnt.  I’m a work-in-progress, I’m not perfect but I’m listening and learning along the way.

Who’s a twin? I am what is termed a womb twin survivor.

I had an identical twin sister.  She died before birth.  She would have been called either Alison or Elizabeth.  I now have both of those names.

It was never something I talked about, although it has affected me.  It felt quite self indulgent to grieve for someone who never was.  Nonetheless, I’ve felt a deep sense of loss for my sister all of my life.  In the silence, there’s a deeper silence that I can’t explain, it’s almost as though I’m straining to hear what I would have heard in the womb, but it’s not there. Sometimes I’m soul searching for something but I’m not quite sure where to look, and I get lost all over again.  I don’t form attachments easily with people, I am happy for people to come into and go from my life.  At school I never fit into a group, this is probably true of work groups too, where I know I’m often perceived as ‘aloof’.  All of these are apparently factors of the “syndrome”.   This is something I’ve only just found out is a thing, 47 years after losing my twin.

So if you’re a womb twin survivor or know someone who is you may want to explore what’s being said, what the research is turning up, or even connect to a wider community if that’s your thing.

This is where I found my information:



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