All of my stories are true; my life, experiences, and what I’ve learnt.  I’m a work-in-progress, I’m not perfect but I’m listening and learning along the way.

Blow away the clouds and find your sunshine.  

The coping strategy I’m going to share in the first part of my story, might sound overly simple, but there’s science behind it, & it works.  14 years ago I was burnt out at work, stressed with family illness, and just separated from my then husband. With a 5 year old trying to understand why her mum & dad had separated, life was pretty hard.  I was a year into my coaching diploma & although some days I just wanted to pull the bed covers over my head & disappear, I was determined to seek out the positives in life. The next 7 years turned out to be equally challenging & without really knowing it, my mental health plummeted to rock bottom. I continued to keep my head above water by self coaching and this is when it happened…

I knew I needed to focus on what I had to be grateful for so I started walking with my dad & we’d take in all things nature. That’s when I realised that being aware of small pleasures, rather than big highs in life, was the key. I’d enjoy the smell of the fern & bracken in autumn, take in the wild flowers & get pure joy out of watching nature go about its business. It’s very humbling.

These are my top shares from this learning:

  1. Show self compassion, don’t be so hard on yourself
  2.  Embrace self care by giving yourself time out.
  3. Open your senses & find joy in the little things.
  4. When you feel broken, remember hope is waiting for you to find it.
  5. Life is a roller coaster, but being mindful can help you regain balance.

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