Awaken the energies of your

mind, body, spirit & soul

Meet Sensei Alison

Advanced Reiki Master & Teacher, CIPD qualified Trainer, Life Coach & Holistic Healer

Are you searching for something to enhance your wellbeing, relive stress & heal the subtle, physical, emotional & spiritual body?
Discover Reiki in this unique & special offering
Discover Reiki 4 Me
Do you feel a calling to be a healer
Start your journey to becoming a qualified

Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner
Are you a Reiki Practitioner, ready to take your next step?
Start your journey to becoming a qualified
Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner
Are you a Holy Fire Reiki Master, ready to teach others & spread the magic of Reiki?
Start your journey to becoming a qualified
Holy Fire Reiki Teacher
Are you searching for a healer to work with you to bring peace and joy back into your life?
Whatever you feel drawn to right now, Alison will be there to hold a safe space for you to flourish.



Heal deeply with Alison.
Alison offers a variety of healing options, which brings
all of her experience as a Reiki Master and Professional Therapist to combine energy, sensory, and psychotherapy techniques.  This is a powerful healing experience.
Your time with Alison aims to bring peace and joy into your life through using a combination of Reiki alongside several therapeutic interventions and techniques.

Reiki School

Start your Reiki journey TODAY
with Alison

The BRC provides all levels of Reiki Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Advanced Reiki training
(all courses comprise of a professional online course, live attunement ceremonies with Alison,
and your certificate)
The BRC also offers Reiki attunements (placements) for personal use, ‘Reiki 4 Me’, refreshes and  upgrades to Holy Fire III..
You can also take your Crystal Reiki Practitioner training with Alison.

Once you have taken your training with Alison you will be invited to join a members only Facebook community – a safe space to discuss your progress, ask questions, be inspired, and access Reiki shares and swaps.  You will also have access to special treatment offers by Alison, not available outside this group.

Review learning and attunement options

Find out more about Alison



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