Awaken the energies of your mind, body, and spirit with Reiki Master and teacher, Alison.  Whether you are looking for a healing experience or to be attuned to Reiki, the British Reiki Circle is here for you on your journey.

Alison is the founder of the British Reiki Circle (BRC), and was first attuned to Reiki in 2006.  She qualified as a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho Master with the International Centre for Reiki Training under William Lee Rand.
Alison is a Crystal Reiki Master and teacher and is a CIPD qualified trainer. 



Heal deeply with Alison.
There are four healing options available, where Alison brings
all of her experience as a Reiki Masters and Professional Therapist to combine energy, sensory, and psychotherapy techniques.  This is a powerful healing experience.
Your  time with Alison aims to bring peace and joy into your life through using a combination of Reiki alongside several therapeutic interventions and techniques.

Reiki School


Start your Reiki journey TODAY
with Reiki Master and Teacher, Alison

The BRC offers Reiki attunements, refreshes, upgrades to Holy Fire, specialist Reiki training, all levels of Reiki Practitioner and Master Practitioner.  You can also take your Crystal Reiki Practitioner training with the BRC.

Once you have taken your training with Alison you will be invited to join a members only Facebook community – a safe space to discuss your progress, ask questions, be inspired, and access Reiki shares and swaps.  You will also have access to special treatment offers by Alison, not available outside this group.

Review learning and attunement options
Book a private class, contact Alison at | M: 0784 3478399